The Spectacle

It is here! The 2019 Spectacle was unveiled the first weekend of May. Five benches are placed in public spaces in the Village, each creatively decorated by a Riverside family, and each adorned with a ‘Fred and Calvert’s Map’ flipbook. Sit a spell and learn about the 1869 General Plan for Riverside and more about our lovely town! You can bid on the benches until May 19 at our auction site.

“Fred and Calvert’s Map” can be yours! Memorializing Riverside Arts Weekend 2019 and the Sesquicentennial of Olmsted and Vaux’s 1869 General Plan for Riverside, this fun, fact-filled, art embellished, flip book reviews the historical ideals behind the creation of the Plan that is 150 years old this year. Written, drawn and curated by 60 Riverside residents. This 14 page 9” x 12” book can be yours for $15. This limited availability book can be purchased until June 30, 2019. Place your pre-order now by bringing your cash, check or credit card to the Riverside Public Library. Several additional book pick-up opportunities will be scheduled in mid-September and early October.

RAW brings together art and community in a unique exhibition that has wowed Riverside residents and visitors alike. Go down memory lane with pics of our former spectacles!

2018: Artsy letters came to Riverside

2017: The swans moved into Riverside

2016: Tandem Bicycles on Parade

2015: Coyote Convention Meets in Our Village

2014: Yarn Bomb of the Iconic Riverside lanterns