The Spectacle

It is here! The 2021 Riverside Triptych Spectacle was unveiled at the Riverside Train Station on June 12. Three 4’x5′ murals were designed by Erika Vazzana and painted by over 80 Riversiders. Riverside’s natural and architectural beauty were comforting during the pandemic and inspired the triptych. Thank you to everyone who stopped by to see it, and who bid on the them for our fundraising auction. They now have new homes here in Riverside!

RAW brings together art and community in a unique exhibition that has wowed Riverside residents and visitors alike. Go down memory lane with pics of our former spectacles!

2019: Fred and Calvert’s Map flipbook and benches

2018: Artsy letters came to Riverside

2017: The swans moved into Riverside

2016: Tandem Bicycles on Parade

2015: Coyote Convention Meets in Our Village

2014: Yarn Bomb of the Iconic Riverside lanterns