RAW Basics
Saturday, June 12 and Sunday, June 13, 2021
Location: Riverside Train Station, Riverside, Illinois

Mission: Riverside Arts Weekend (RAW) exists to educate, inspire, and excite residents and visitors with art and spectacle that lead to greater understanding and appreciation of art and the creative process.

Our objectives are…

  • To educate and inspire residents of the Village of Riverside and visitors about art – about art that is visual, musical, architectural, fashion-based and more. 
  • To bring residents of the Village of Riverside and visitors into the center of Riverside for this art experience
  • To offer varied and new expressions of art every year to our patrons that expand the understanding and appreciation of what it means to “make art”
  • To be open to new and changing vehicles for accomplishing the above – including exhibits, art-for-sale, performances and more. 
  • To have fun developing RAW into the best art experience that we can. 
  • To strive for the WOW factor.

The Riverside Arts Weekend Board of Directors:
President – Jill Mateo
Secretary – Laurie Risley
Treasurer – Jill Mateo
Directors – Steve Marcus
Charlie Zia
Jessica Frances (Ex Officio)